United competence. Perfect strategic positioning.

Our focus on an international strategic direction is expressed in the DMK GROUP's corporate brand. It highlights the company's scale, versatility and performance capabilities in the global market. In the redesign, the Humana baby food company became DMK BABY while the MILRAM, Oldenburger and Osterland brands are now grouped under DMK CONSUMER.
The DMK ICE CREAM and DMK INGREDIENTS business units also highlight the importance of these business areas for the company's overall business strategy.

With this new structure, the DMK GROUP is communicating inside and outside the company that it is positioning itself as globally successful with German quality. The defining characteristics of the corporate brand are, on the one hand, the company's cooperative origins, its close links with agriculture and the trust-based foundation of partnership on which we deal with customers, employees and dairy farmers. On the other hand, the DMK GROUP stands for a promise of quality and for responsible and forward-looking entrepreneurship. Our vision-based corporate brand strategy is aimed directly at the strategic trilogy of a broad product portfolio, modern production facilities and strong presence in international growth markets.