DMK and its people

We are a company that has its roots in Germany. Milk is a natural product given to us more than 700,000 cows that live all over the Republic of Germany and without which we could not produce any milk or yoghurt, and neither curd nor cheese. However, the centre of DMK is our people: all those who make a contribution so that we can do business successfully and responsibly. We would like to introduce you to some of them.

Our employees

Around 7,500 employees at 26 sites develop, plan, produce and market the product range of the DMK GROUP. Many of them have been with DMK for many years, our employee turnover is pretty low at around five percent. Classic office jobs and a large number of hands-on tasks in the production facilities are performed daily by motivated and qualified staff members.

Our dairy farmers

8,291 dairy farmers and a further 62 contract suppliers – these are the farmers from whom DMK sources its milk. It is processed and packaged as milk for the retail trade or made into other products such as ice cream, yoghurt, curd, cheese and milk powder. The dairy farmers work on their modern farms with a lot of dedication: the traditional day of a farmer in the dairy industry starts around five o'clock in the morning and is by no means finished after eight hours. For this reason, too, it is important to DMK to make sure the farmers' work pays! 

The people in our environment

DMK is connected to a number of stakeholder groups: some of them are business partners, we work with others on projects and programmes, and many others support DMK with constructive criticism. All these people are important partners in DMK’s success and sustainability. We introduce some of them here.